"We are delighted to have a custom-made Damion Fauser piece; the design and specifications of our chest of drawers were formed in consultation with Damion and he detailed the precision construction journey with us at every step. This is more than a piece of beautiful furniture for daily use, it is both a work of craftsmanship and an art form: a reflection of the skill of its maker. Thank you so much Damion!"

Ross and Linda Evans

"I'm inspired by Danish and Japanese design, and I was looking for a woodworking class that would equip me with the skills and knowledge to make fine furniture and beautiful objects.  Damion has exceeded my expectations, and I'm about to embark on my fourth block of classes with him.  He is generous with his knowledge and has a welcoming and relaxed style. He teaches woodworking from first principles so you understand wood, tools and how they come together to achieve an outcome. His hands-on classes help you understand the various different ways of tackling a problem, which helps you become a versatile woodworker, and you get to work on amazing timbers and some of the best hand tools and machinery around. Highly recommended!"

Alan Hoban

"I have done both the hand tool and machinery courses with Damion and found them to be very rewarding. I'm reasonably experienced with woodworking and cabinet making, but hadn't done any training since high school and felt I needed a refresher. Damion took things to a point where I am now confident that I can produce quality furniture and am ready to tackle major projects. In fact, I am writing this sitting on a Tage Frid design stool that I made with Damion's help. If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, or just have an interest in learning to make stuff, I recommend you have a chat with him. Oh, and don't forget to ask about the untrained seals. It's worth the craic."


"Damion is not only a meticulous master craftsman who makes exquisite timber products, but also a patient and methodical teacher."

Sollya Richardson

"Damion Fauser is an artist and a gifted teacher.  He has the rare ability to encourage without condescension, and to inspire and bring out the best in all his students."

Ian Smith

"A master fine wood-worker, and an exceptional teacher. A must for anyone interested in learning about the intricacies of fine woodworking."


"Want to learn fine woodworking? This is the man to see."


"I would like to invite anyone who is interested in learning a new skill to enrol at  Damion's Fauser woodworking workshops. Through his vast knowledge and evident passion for wood working I have learnt the hand tool essentials to build mortise and tenon joints, dovetails as well as sawing, chiselling and a few other skills . These skills are ones that I will be able to take into my future projects. Looking forward to do the Machinery Essentials course. Thanks for a really enjoyable and satisfying course."


"I enroled in Damion Fauser's “Hand Tool Essentials” classes because I was interested in making the occasional simple wood projects that I undertake more presentable. In my 50s, I had missed out on any manual arts training at school and have not had any since, so my basic skills were only those that I had picked up through reading magazines. I suspect that I also picked up a few bad habits along the way. Damion's patience and willingness to answer all questions during the classes helped me to gain the skills and confidence that I needed to attempt joinery techniques and projects that I had considered too advanced for me before.

He has a talent for getting the student to build on basic skills to achieve results at a higher level than they felt that they were capable of. I learnt to take my time over the work and to appreciate the process and the qualities of the wood itself. The result was that even though I still have a long way to go to achieve the finishes that I would like in my work I have a better idea of what I am capable of. Having started with the ambition of making the small projects in wood that I put together more presentable, I found the experience of attending Damions classes stimulated an interest fine woodwork in general and in taking the time and care needed on my own projects to make them pieces that I can be truly proud of. I would highly recommend Damion to people who have an interest in woodworking no matter what their age."


"Damion created a Jarrah king size bed for us inspired by a design we had seen online. Damion improved upon the design by ensuring that it would last generations by allowing for the natural process of timber movement over time. The changes to the design also added interest to the piece and was more refined than the original concept. Throughout the process we were updated with many photos and descriptions of the work. We were consulted on all aspects of the bed from dimensions to construction details. We are really happy we found Damion and look forward to having more furniture made by him in the future."


"Damion is a wonderful teacher with excellent skills and a very well equipped workshop environment to learn in. His classes are well structured and give a great sense of achievement when completed. Highly recommended."

David Haddon

"I recently commissioned Damion for a very special piece and he clearly put his heart and soul into its creation.  I have high expectations of any other professionals I encounter and I am delighted to recommend his remarkable services in the future to potential clients.  Damion is an exceptional communicator which is rare to find and he takes a lot of pride in his work.  Nothing is too much trouble and he was happy to oblige whether it was in our initial meeting or at any point throughout.  He truly took the time out to listen and this translated into a specular piece that my family will treasure for generations...    Thank you Damion, I truly appreciate your workmanship and the entire journey was a delight."


"I have completed both the ‘Hand-tool Essentials’ and the ‘Machinery Essentials’ classes facilitated by Damion and thoroughly enjoyed both. The ‘Hand-tool Essentials’ class curriculum is logically structured to allow both the novice or hobbyist woodworker exposure to various techniques, tools and tricks.  As one particular project may not cover all the essentials, Damion’s decision to cover as many topics as possible during these classes is a good one. Being fairly new to woodworking I found this approach highly advantageous in bringing my skills up to an appropriate level quickly.  Upon finishing this class I felt confident with the fundamentals of hand woodworking which going forward will enable me to start building my own projects.

After completing the hand tool class I decided to continue on to the 'Machinery Essentials’ class. This hands-on class allowed use of machinery that wouldn’t traditionally be available to beginners.  Logically structured, in this class you work on a project which covers the many areas of machine use; milling and stock preparation, using large machines for precision woodwork, use of jigs, routers, surface preparation and finishes. Both classes have been ‘essential’ in rapidly advancing my knowledge of woodworking both with hand tools and machinery.  Damion’s style is open and approachable and he has no reservations sharing his knowledge and answering my many questions.  I found Damion to be an articulate communicator, patient and very generous with his time.  His attention to detail and safety standards in the workshop put me at ease.  Both of his classes have allowed me to walk away with an excellent knowledge of woodworking fundamentals and where I can take things from here."

Kent Furniture