Fine Woodworking Classes & Workshops

I have a strong desire to share my knowledge with those seeking a creative outlet, or tangible form of self-expression that can be fulfilled through a medium such as wood. This is why I’ve been actively writing for Australia Wood Review magazine since 2012 and why I also teach woodworking to others who share, or wish to discover, my passion for this craft. FINE WOODWORKING CLASSES AND WORKSHOPS IN BRISBANE.
Teaching and training has always been a passion of mine. I held several key instructional postings throughout my 20-year military career. To read more about this aspect of my background, scroll down below the class information. Take a look at our Student Project Image Gallery.
My classes are for all levels of woodworkers in a modern, clean and fully-equipped professional workshop in Willawong in metropolitan Brisbane. Students will learn on and operate machinery from Felder, Hammer and Festool. An extensive suite of hand-tools is available for use from premium makers such as Lie-Nielsen, Veritas, Starrett, Colen Clenton, Chris Vesper, Blue Spruce, HNT Gordon, Tite-mark, Ironbark and more.
Regulalr introductory class programs (Hand Tools Essentials and Machinery Essentials)  are conducted on Saturdays, with a morning session from 830am-1230pm and and afternoon session from 1-5pm to choose from. Other programs are conducted as detailed on the Master Class Schedule above.

I offer the following classes in fine woodworking:



In addition to my regular weekly classes, I offer short-term workshops focused on specific woodworking techniques, as follows:
Circular Side Table Workshop
Make one of Damion's elegant circular side tables in this 5-day intensive class. Learn how to successfully make circular panels, cut super accurate and strong half-lap joinery, shape beautiful elliptical legs and decoratively strengthen throough-mortise and tenon joinery with multi-coloured wedges. Featuring a great balance of machine and hand tool processes. To enrol in this class you must have completed both of the Essentials programs first. Limited to 6 places
21-25 October 2024, 2025 TBA
$1700 inc GST, all materials
Router Workshop
Learn how to safely get the most out of this amazingly verstatile tool. On this two-day class we'll spend the first day concentrating on hand-held routing, then on day two we'll focus on the router table. Discussions along the way will include router and bit selection and maintenance, cutter rotation and feed direction, cutter RPM selection, jig design and construction and loads more. This is a very practical class, with many opportunities to make all kinds of basic and advanced cuts in all types of materials.
10-11 September 2024, 2025 TBA
$825 inc GST, all materials
Advanced Hand Tools
I've thought about this one for many years, and I ran a very successful pilot program in 2023. For those who wish to advance their hand tool skills. Previous completion of my Hand Tools Essentials program (or documented/photographic evidence of having similar skillsets) is a prerequisite for this prorgram. We'll be making a beautiful jewellery/keepsakes box featuring through dovetails with mitred keys at the corners, as well as a frame-an-panel assembly for the lid - utilising techniques that I developed myself for completing the frame-and-panel joinery with a series of joinery handplanes.
$1320 - not scheduled for 2024, 2025 TBA


To inquire about a class, please contact me via email or on mobile 0407 522 207. Enrolments are done manually at my end - once you let me know which classes you'd like to sign up for I'll add your name to the class list. Approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the commencement of your classes I'll send out a class information pamphlet for the program and an invoice with payment options and details for the class fees.
A 40% deposit will secure your place, with the balance payable at the commencement of the first session. The deposit is refundable up until 14 days prior to the commencement of your classes, providing that a replacement can be found.
Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit card or direct deposit and in the month or so leading up to your class commencing I'll email you an invoice with those payment options and details.

Damion’s non-woodworking teaching and training background

  • Officer-in-Charge of Ground Defence training at the RAAF Security and Fire School, 2000-2002. In this position I was responsible for the planning and provision of initial employment training and postgraduate studies for Airfield Defence Guards and postgraduate training for Ground Defence Officers
  • Instructor in Tactics and Leadership at the Royal Military College, Duntroon, 2003. In this position I was responsible for the planning and conduct of the Security Operations tactics package undertaken by cadets in their senior semester.
  • Chief Instructor, RAAF Security and Fire School, 2006-2007. In this position I was responsible for the scheduling, standard and quality of instruction on 75 different courses of instruction provided to 23 separate military trade groups.
  • I'm also a qualified SCUBA instructor and for many years taught basic and advanced programs in recreational diving throughout Southeast Queensland and Southern NSW
I also hold formal qualifications in Training Development and a Nationally Accredited Certificate IV in Assessment and Workplace Training.

So what does this all mean to you as a potential student of mine?

It means that I have vast experience in the development, planning and conduct of quality training. Specifically, it means that I can take a particular skill or process, break it down into subordinate steps and then design the best method of teaching that skill in the most efficient manner, using a variety of theoretical and practical methods. I use a proven teaching method known as EDP - Explain, Demonstrate, Practise. For each particular step I explain the process, then I demonstrate the process so that you can observe the correct mechanics, body positioning, ergonomics etc and then you each have the opportunity to have a go at that process yourself, under my supervision.