Steve - long

"I enroled in Damion Fauser's “Hand Tool Essentials” classes because I was interested in making the occasional simple wood projects that I undertake more presentable. In my 50s, I had missed out on any manual arts training at school and have not had any since, so my basic skills were only those that I had picked up through reading magazines. I suspect that I also picked up a few bad habits along the way. Damion's patience and willingness to answer all questions during the classes helped me to gain the skills and confidence that I needed to attempt joinery techniques and projects that I had considered too advanced for me before.

He has a talent for getting the student to build on basic skills to achieve results at a higher level than they felt that they were capable of. I learnt to take my time over the work and to appreciate the process and the qualities of the wood itself. The result was that even though I still have a long way to go to achieve the finishes that I would like in my work I have a better idea of what I am capable of. Having started with the ambition of making the small projects in wood that I put together more presentable, I found the experience of attending Damions classes stimulated an interest fine woodwork in general and in taking the time and care needed on my own projects to make them pieces that I can be truly proud of. I would highly recommend Damion to people who have an interest in woodworking no matter what their age."